Friday, October 18, 2019

Paper on groups in your high school Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Paper on groups in your high school - Essay Example These relationships refer to the processes that are learned in school. They â€Å"refer to the social and psychological underpinnings of the system, how people come together in schools and divide and subdivide into groups† (Crosno 38). On one side you could see cliques that are relatively more popular than others. They compose of both guys and girls where the closest girls usually sit next to each other and chatter or next to the guy most likely have a relationship with. Then there are groups that associate with each other mostly because of their common interests like those who like a particular brand or music or those who belong to the same club. There are also groups that are somewhat in the middle. They are not exactly the most popular but they are familiar faces and most of them have an interesting story about them that you know. They are approachable compared to others and they tend to put balance on the cafeteria and the entire school just because they are more tolerant of the different people. They would rather remain neutral instead of favouring an opinion over

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