Saturday, October 5, 2019

Shakespeare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Shakespeare - Essay Example Shakespeare moved to London in around 1590 and by 1592, his plays and ability as a playwright were already being recognized and handsomely rewarded all over London. During this period of 1590s, his plays became famous all over London and this made his wealthy through investments and purchases. The wealthy and lavish life of London made most of his work contain issues of social class and its effects on society in general and hence this marked the theme for almost all his literary works (Bradbrook, 2005). The contents of the literature and art in Europe gave a reflection of different issues in society. This is true for example in the literary works of Karl Marx which discussed political and economic ideologies through his books and other works and gave a reflection of what was happening in Europe at the moment and what could be done about it. Other art works like paintings also gave reflection of the different events in the different eras. This was also true for plays like those by Shakespeare which gave an understanding of the society’s division through social status and even the religious issues happening in the society during those times (Arendt, 2007). Through these various art and literature which gave a reflection of Europe, people are able to understand and deduce what was happening and even the cause of such

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