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Services Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Services Marketing - Essay Example Services industries primarily provide intangible products to customers by offering services. Retail, transports, food services etc are the example of services industries (Pezzullo, 1998, p.194). The marketing activities in services sectors are known as services marketing. Marketing is one of the major activities in business organisations and its importance and necessity have been multiplied with increasing completion and market size. There are certain differences between marketing activities of manufacturing industries and services industries. For example, in services marketing there are 7 Ps instead of 4 Ps which include product, price, promotion, place, people and physical evidences (Jobber and Fahy, 2008, p.177). Therefore, managing the marketing activities in service business is difficult as management has to consider many aspects at the same time. This paper will attempt to assess an organisation engaged in services business using various management models and tools for offering a set of conceivable and effective recommendations. In this respect, at first, a brief description of the company will provided to understand its nature of business and other aspects. In order to analyse the company’s business environments management analytical tools will used. Finally, based on the research findings, conclusion and recommendations will be made. 2. Brief Description of EasyJet Airline-211 EasyJet is a UK based airline company and it is one of the leading airline services providers in entire Europe. This airline company aims to become a low cost airline service provider in Europe. Stelios Haji-Ioannou, a Greek business started an airline business with two leased aircraft and he named this airline ‘EasyJet’. The growing importance of airlines services and EasyJet’s efficient performances, made this airline as a one of the market leaders. By the end of 2009, EasyJet became pan airline that operated with â€Å"over 400 routes with over 175 a ircraft in 27 countries† (EasyJet Plc-a, n.d.). Its efficient business and services strategies have led to increase the popularity of the company, and during 2009, nearly 50% of its total passengers were recorded as non-UK people. The business model of EasyJet includes five major values that have enhanced its business activities and these values are safety, teamwork, pioneering, passionate and integrity. Its present headquarter is in Luton, England and it has â€Å"over 7,300 people including 1,900 pilots and 4,300 cabin crew† (EasyJet Plc-b, n.d.). In order to manage its sustainability issues, it has also included its responsibilities towards society, corporate, environments and community. Due to efficient managements and growing market size, the financial position of the company has become stronger in UK airline industry. 3. Swot Analysis In order to access a company’s internal & external position and external opportunities and strengths, SWOT is one of the mos t widely used tools. SWOT analysis is very helpful in providing a summary concept of various internal and external factors which are very important for strategic managements and decision making process. Carlock and Ward has been able to identify the importance of SWOT analysis and in this respect they have commented that â€Å"the SWOT analysis helps to capture data in order to qualitatively plot the firm on the

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