Friday, August 23, 2019

How Convincing is the distinction Dewey makes in A Common Faith Essay

How Convincing is the distinction Dewey makes in A Common Faith between 'religion' and 'religious' - Essay Example The development of such beliefs thus developed the concept of religion. Dewey explains that religion is set of cultural systems that provides for the type of relationship that exists between humans and their creator. As a cultural system, Dewey explains that religion has a set of rules and guidelines that influence the nature of the relationship that exist between humans and their supernatural beings. As such, religion is not a liberal concept since it has specific ways of behavior and communication that exists between man and his creator. Historical religions had ways of forgiving sins and seeking the intervention of the supernatural being in cases where the humans were in need. The unique characteristic that compels humans to eat particular foods, dress in particular manner and adopt particular postures during worship make religion dogmatic thus cultural. In his distinction between religion and â€Å"religious† Dewey observes that the society is dynamic, the fact that culture changes should influence the nature of religions thus resulting in the creation of equally dynamic religions that will consider the societal factors and features prevalent at specific times. In his argument, it bec omes retrogressive to confine people to a particular way of doing things while there are other evidently better ways of doing the same things. Dewey thus advises for the development of a religious society instead of a society that ascribes to religions. In fostering his campaign, Dewey asserts that the need to infuse faith and beliefs in religion is vital since it helps link individual to the supernatural being without necessarily having to undertake dogmatic cultural features. Faith is a belief; Dewey thus explains that the most vital belief hat every religion propagates is the existence of a supernatural being who is deserving of praise

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