Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Writing a Critique to the Brad DeHaven's Aticle The Design of an Ideal Essay

Writing a Critique to the Brad DeHaven's Aticle The Design of an Ideal Business - Essay Example While the author has included all categories of people, he presupposes that everyone is computer literate and have access to internet. He also assumes that everyone possesses entrepreneurial qualities. ‘Offer items on high demand’ and ‘offer items that have repeat purchase’ seems to be a repetition because the items mentioned under high demand are repeat purchases. In fact consumables itself indicate repeat purchase hence they could fall under the same category. It is also not clear what requirements he refers to about the baby boomers? Is it in terms of real estate or consumables? Overall, the text is quite confusing especially when he is targeting the moms at home who have no prior business experience. The author’s points about a mentor is impressive and educative for a beginner and he has cited his own evidence in its support. While he has highlighted how technology has advanced and can help people live better lives he has not cautioned the readers about the pitfalls of internet based business. ‘Systems run the business and the people run the systems’ sounds very promising and interesting but the writer should have cited details of how network marketing functions. The last three points are highly motivating and can influence the reader but a closer scrutiny leaves a lot of questions unanswered. It does give an impression that internet can change lives but no success stories have been cited as reference. His idea of having a mentor is a good suggestion but he presumes that all people are unhappy with their work.

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