Thursday, August 8, 2019

Multiple Regression and Correlation Techniques Assignment

Multiple Regression and Correlation Techniques - Assignment Example The controversy is likely to misinform a research basis and compromise research objectives through poor variable selection and validity issues. Researchers can however resolve the controversy by focusing on theory rather than uninformed bias to the divergent literatures. Effort for limiting the number of variables in a study, subject to influence of identified theory is another approach to resolving the controversy (Hot, Imel and Chan, 2008; Aparasu, 2011). Tests involving mediator and moderator variables generate diversified controversies with inclusion of time factor as the major source of controversy as researchers focus on cross sectional studies in the analyses. Determination of whether a variable is a moderator or a mediator variable is another major source of controversy and may misinform actual relationships among variables into invalid results research implications. A shift from focus on cross sectional studies and an open approach to critical perspectives to developed results are proposed as solution to the mediator and moderator controversy. Researcher integrity is therefore necessary in incorporating divergent views on a study (Hot, Imel and Chan, 2008; Yin,

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