Sunday, August 25, 2019

Opportunities and limitations of using social media in the marketing Essay

Opportunities and limitations of using social media in the marketing - Essay Example The intricacy of a product varies depending on the specific characteristics or the consumer perception of the product. Some products are seen to be more intricate since the technical specifications associated with them need considerable personal effort from the consumer in order to be familiar with the attributes of the product. Majority of the cultural products are perceived as intricate particularly when the works produced need specific knowledge or depend on abstract ideas that need the ability of the consumer to understand the concepts involved.Even though there is a commonly held perception that arts marketing is an area of minority interest, this is more associated with a lazy prejudice than a clearly considered suggestion. Social media can be an important instrument as far as generating interest in the masses about arts is concerned. This is because social media can be a fast and inexpensive way of disseminating and sharing information on the arts and this information will eas ily reach more people. The minority that has knowledge in the cultural organization can utilize social media to reach the many that are not knowledgeable in this area.The potential limitations that are associated with marketing cultural products through social media as far as the sharing of information is concerned include the unequal access or usage. This means that the individuals who may not be using social media will have less opportunities of getting the information associated with the cultural products.

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