Saturday, August 24, 2019


ROMANITC LOVE TOPIC IN BOTH RENAISSANCE LIERATURE AND MUSIC - Essay Example This has transcended to madrigal singers who originally only sang secular music but eventually took romantic love as part of their music repertoire. Thus madrigal singers took a turn with renaissance sonnets as they began singing love songs from the traditional sing of praise. The most plausible reason that be deduced is to this is that renaissance sonnets fit the well-crafted composition of madrigals not to mention that the loftiness of the theme of love nears the loftiness of Praise. Unlike a typical singer which we know today, madrigals are typically composed of several persons composed of four vocal parts – the soprano, alto, tenor and the pass. Soprano and alto are typically sung by women due to its high pitch while the tenor and bass are usually sung by men. A madrigal singer attempts to express strong emotion contained in a well composed line of which a celebrated sonnet makes a perfect fit. Madrigals can also be said as the highest form of music that typically appeals only to the cultivated and the learned due to the sophistication of its medium. It follows then that the words enunciated by a madrigal music must also be equal to its form and what better lines can be sung by a madrigal than the measured meter of a sonnet. Madrigals were traditionally sang for secular purposes but eventually evolved to also sing celebrated love sonnets of renaissance literature due to the loftiness of its words and purpose that equal to a praise. Its highly structured singing made love sonnets a perfect for the medium of a madrigal thus appealing to the sophisticated audience. Today however, madrigal has evolved further. It still sing love songs but no longer confine itself to the sonnets of renaissance literature albeit the sonnets of the renaissance literature set the bar of the lyrics that can be sang by

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