Saturday, March 2, 2019

Animal Cruelty’s Effect to Society Essay

People often think that faunas ar just unconscious creatures that mountt c atomic number 18 about their workaday lives. scarcely they ar actually just like us, they are living breathing creatures with naive lives and priorities. They prioritize more(prenominal) important things like, food, shelter and caring for their young and not like unimportant things like what theyre going to wear, wholl look punter and the like. But since we are the dominant species, then we are the ones who are mantic to jockstrap them when they are in need and care for them if they need health check care.But slightlytimes masses just underestimate them and abuse them for fun, money , scientific experiments, etc. But they dont see that theyre actually causing harm to them and to the society, they just think that theyre lone al nigh(prenominal) hither for food and entertainment. But thats where theyre wrong, theyre actually the ones that should be the dominant species since theyre here first and were the ones that are supposed to help oneself them k at a time more about the world. So we should in addition help while theyre alive so well live with more use to them and we should spend our lives, sharing the world with them and not trying to make water over them out of the face of the earth.Some people say, We help them, they help us. That is authorized because if youre kind enough to them then theyll help you when youre in trouble but some people misunderstood that, they think that we should help them by feeding them and they should help us by letting us stamp out them for profit. But thats not how it should be, we should deal them as our own, help them as if theyre humans. Because without them, then we wouldnt exist right now because all life story begins from living organisms from the sea and they evolved to be available to be on land until they evolved to turn into us.Also if some animals disappeared from existence, it may have some chaotic results If the bees , butterflies, bats and early(a) animals that can pollinate disappear then plants will not bear flowers, other plants might get extinct and lower the oxygen from our planet. If frogs, lizards, chameleons and the like disappeared then flies, locusts and perhaps mosquitoes would be everyplace causing food contamination, damaged crops, dengue fever and more blasting things. But in some cases when animals attack people, they still shouldnt go through them because its just in their instinct to attack if hey feel exist or if their territory has been crossed. But people could still defend theirselves by tranquilizing them and sending them for check up after because in some instances they are sick and confused which causes them to attack. Sometimes they might not look us but we should also learn understand them. Animals help humans, humans must also help animals. You can tell a stripe about a person by the way they treat animals. If you treat them nicely then people would know that y ou can do the alike to other people.But if you treat them violently then that means you have the ability to harm or kill people. Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living creature as worthless is in risk of arriving also at the idea of worthless human lives, wrote humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer. And correspond to Robert K. Ressler, who developed profiles of serial killers for the FBI, Murderers very often start out by cleanup spot and torturing animals as kids. This proves some murderers start out as an animal abuser which then would make them curious on if killing animals is just as fun as killing people.Animal hardness is not just caused by the abusers curiosity, its also a mark of a mental disturbance. Some researches in psychology and criminology shows that people who bank animal uncivilizedty rarely stop there, many of them later moves on to abusing or killing their fellow humans. Most of the records of the FBI shows a history of animal cr uelty to many murderers and other criminals. There was a study in Northeastern University and the SPCA of the Massachusetts(USA) which shows that people who commit animal cruelty are flipper times more likely commit violent crimes against humans.The majority of the inmates at San Quentin penitinary who are sentenced to be executed for committing murder, practiced their crimes on animals sooner committing their crimes harmonise to the warden. Some people who are cruel to animals are also cruel to minorren and their family. People who often swing the needs of their pets often also neglect their childrens needs. Animal abuse is also an important indicator of child abuse, sometimes when children witness their parents abusing animals they can get influenced by their parents to do so too because of reacting to anger and frustration.Their violence might be directed at the only individuals in the family who are more vulnerable than they are animal coadjutors. One expert says, Children in violent homes are characterized by frequently participating in pecking-order battering, in which they might maim or kill an animal. Childhood cruelty to animals is indeed in the history of domestic violence. But in some cases animal cruelty is often discovered before the child abuse because it is more obvious to the neighbours that often hear the cries and howls of the animals because children are often threatened not to scream by their parents or else theyll get hurt even more.Because of that, animal control agents which are possibly called by the neighbours are allowed to go into the house to investigate and then later possibly see the children with their scars and bruises which leads to being reported to social workers. This means that both the most vulnerable creatures in the house (the children and the pets) are abused by the adults. This proves that inconsistency is present in the house. Some organizations such as the Baltimore police, The New tee shirt Coalition of Ba ttered Women and The Guelph Humane Society(Canada) work with animal control.Working with other agencies is called Cross Reporting which helps solve multiple cases. A study shows that 40% of battered women delayed seeking refuge from their abuser if their animal companion is included. This could possibly mean that the animals are also being abused along with the women since they find comfort from each other. These studies have led to a collaborationism among social services and government agencies to develop a program for sustain care of those animals. There are currently 100 programs in the US. fury begins early specially for boys, some adults consider their childrens abusive doings to animal to the saying that Boys will be boys. Children who abuse animals should be treat with special care or else it might lead to a surly way of life. Animal cruelty also proves the fact that most people dont think before they do stuff because they dont think of the consequences of their action s. Everyone should treat animals, children and women fairly because we are all here to help each other on going through our daily lives. People should stop discrimination and learn how to live peacefully together.

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