Sunday, March 3, 2019

Explain Why It Is Important to Recognise Essay

All these things will concern the opportunities each pip-squeak receives and the breadth of the experiences they receive. The sooner any changes are spotted in a fry or young person the the more encourage and support can be given to them and these can be addresses and referred to competent agencies or professionals with in the civilise team. Example 1 A electric shaver that has been contend or standing alone during playtime for a a few(prenominal) days in a row whitethorn gravel their create may become affected. It can affected a nestlings social and intellectual development.Socially the child wouldnt be playing with other children their age and this can affect confidence and self appraise, this in turn may affect them intellectually as the child perchance unwilling to work with the same children within the classroom and start to wholeness issue themselves from their peers, due to this the may not learn the same as their peers and their experiences may becoming limi ted , they may find themselves cultivation at a different pace. Example 2 A child who has a sense of hearing impairment may find their language skills being undeveloped or they may be delayed.This may then have a tapdance on effect with the childs/young persons ability to interact and socialise with others of the same age. Early recognitions means the child can be referred to appropriate agencies and special needs teachers within the school to assist and work with the child and help identify their needs and barf in place a plan of action. Example 3 roast of any nature can affect a childs development, it is important to look for signs of abuse in children/young spate and ensue child protection guidelines in any suspected cases of abuse.A erstwhile bright and chatty child may become withdrawn and shy away from adult attention. The child maybe showing signs of aggressive behavior and/or exhibiting signs of self harm. Abuse can affect a child from infancy through to adolescenc e and then into adulthood. It can set back a childs physical development, such as a tense mealtime can affect the childs ability to eat. It can stomach backs a childs mental development such as their intelligence and memory and put the child at greater encounter of developing mental health problems.Abuse can to a fault affect a childs emotional development , they may drop the ability to feel and to express a full range of emotions appropriately and/or the ability to control their own emotions. Abuse can also put a child at greater risk of developing one or more behavioural problems such as- learning difficulties problems with relationships and socialising rebellious behaviour aggressive and violent behaviour anti social behaviour and criminality self isolating behaviour (making people dislike you) negative impulsive behaviour (not caring what happens to you)Example 4 Children and young people may find themselves going through a parental divorce or be part of a single parent fam ily or they may have become part of a step family. They may thus far be part of a heroic family with several siblings. These circumstances can affect a childs development, they may find themselves lacking support from a parent(s), they may find themselves being bullied within the home by step siblings or even their own siblings, there maybe the lack of a positive lineament model or someone to look up to.Some children backup within a step family may find themselves being singled out or pick on, there may be friction betwixt the two families. All these factors can cause stress upon a child/young person, they may cause them to have low self esteem and no confidence therefore impacting on a childs social and emotional development. Example 5 A child that has worry using fine motor skills may be affected greatly and it is important that it is recognised and is responded as early as possible

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