Monday, March 4, 2019

My Technologically Challenged Life Essay

Monicas parents play a huge role in limiting her access to technology. They choose to not use technology which I conceive of is the main reason why they wouldnt buy a computer for their daughters. Their reasoning sounds extremely familiar to me because my parents save siree the aforesaid(prenominal) kind of thing to me. I begged my parents for a cell phone from ordinal grade until my sophomore year when I finally bought my own save they would al guidances tell me I dont need a cell phone while my mom had one and my dad had deuce-ace for his work. Anyways, I can relate to Monica on many levels. 2. I dont think Monica is to blame for her technological difficulties at all. I think the main reason she is having troubles is her parents except for the lack of technology in her railway car which is obviously the manufacturers doing and not her parents. The lack of technology at the health-care facility is a pretty big issue if you ask me. The technology the workers could be and plau sibly should be using would greatly improve the efficiency of the jobs they do. 3. Wunderlichs file name extension to the weekend when terrorists were supposed to be blowing up the bridges in san Francisco was her way of adding some comedy to the story because there was probably a barrage threat that day and she could have potentially died simply because she didnt have a GPS and got lost. If she had owned a GPS at the time, she wouldnt have gotten so lost and never would have been on both of the bridges on accident.

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