Monday, September 23, 2019

DISCUSSION BoARD Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

DISCUSSION BoARD - Essay Example Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having one. Whistle blowing is a practice that asks of an individual or a group of individuals to speak against the system in a quiet manner. This individual or the group comes out in the open by revealing the facts which may not be known to anyone at a given time. Whistle blowing is an important element that comes under the ethical constructs. This is because it directly forms a link with whether it should be bracketed under ethics or not. However, for the sake of understanding the organizational concerns, business ethics has to be taken into consideration in order to have a good knowledge of whistle blowing as its ramifications are manifolds and should always be judged from a number of angles and perspectives (Roper 2005). The reasons why an employee would rather refrain from reporting potentially unethical behavior to their management concerns in the organization is because they are wary of the consequences that might arise from the same. They would rather put such issues under the carpet be cause taking it far would not help the cause of anyone, as per their thinking. They fear awkward scenarios to crop up for all the wrong reasons. It is important that a corporation develops an ethics hotline that taps anonymous concerns without revealing their identities. It will make sure that the ethical issues are analyzed, discerned and implemented from a solution-oriented point of view. Hence the advantages outnumber the drawbacks since it benefits the concerns of the people at large. You are a high level manager for a corporation that has recently expanded into the global market. You have been asked to manage an interdepartmental team that will help you to create a global ethics training program. Imagine that your team has very little, if any, experience with ethics training or international management. Create a memorandum to your team that explains the need for an ethics training program, the

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