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Explain the conservatism of the New Right - what did it strive to Essay

Explain the conservatism of the New Right - what did it strive to conserve and what did it fail to conserve - Essay Example The concept of conservatism emerged out of the strong protest to socialism and communism. Capitalism and conservatism have always gone hand in hand. The concept conservatism is basically associated with history of the nation which includes a different political attitude in different eras. In American contest the conservatism is marked by tensions and absolute contradictions between anti-communists and anti-statists, but between traditionalist and individualists who declared publicly the primacy of religion, politics, or economics. The central idea, upon which the foundation of American conservatism is based on, is ordered liberty. It comprises of both individual freedom as well as individual responsibility. It also deals with limited government and unlimited market. It means the non interference of government in economy. The conservative attitude was associated with carrying on the past and an established thoughts, rules and conducts. According to the conservative thoughts the change s will affect the society rather than any positive sequel. The conservatives were involved in preventing the growing influence of socialism and communism. From mid 1930 to the 1960s the traditionalists in America gathered with the objective to fight the liberals’ â€Å"New Deal. The modern conservatism in America was influenced by the ideas of Russell Kirk. He affirmed his ideas through â€Å"Conservative minds.† Thus modern conservatism became the main political force in 1964. Russell Kirk was known as the father of modern conservative thought. In the United States the term New Rights refers to historical different conservative political movements. The New Rights were trying to conserve the old things but for their efforts they had to accept the changes. It was not affordable for them to be rigid with their opinion. The first New Right (1955 to 1964) adopted the â€Å"fusionism,† i.e. classical liberal economics, traditional social values, and an ardent anti-c ommunism. The second New Right in America was formed during Goldwater Campaign. The Second New Right became more popular than the first one. The Second New Right helped Ronald Reagan to win the White House in 1980. On the background of conservatism the attempt has been done to take review of two books, one is â€Å"Suburban Warriors,† and second is â€Å"Republican Ascendency.† The two books are basically written on the same background. â€Å"Suburban Warriors,† is one of the books during the rise of the New Rights. In the book the author Lisa McGirr focuses on the conservative monopoly of Orange Country to know the economic as well as social causes for its fanatical embrace of Goldwater- Reagan republicanism. Lisa McGirr here depicts that their movement was not one of unimportant people suffering from status anxiety. On the other hand this movement was established by successful people living a modern life and yearning for bright future. Lisa McGirr explains the importance of Orange Country that it was a â€Å"real centre and symbol of American Conservatism.†(P.4) In the end Lisa McGirr opines that they have become successful they have engaged in preserving things with its new form. They want the original values but at the same time they are aware of the fact that changes are inevitable and so they accept everything with adaptation. While telling that the conservatives have not just adopted the old rules, she says â€Å"

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