Monday, September 16, 2019

Physical health Essay

1. Discuss the meanings Steve now places on health and physical activity. Steve doesn’t put much meaning on his health, either mentally, physically, emotionally or socially. He hasn’t got his family to encourage him to get out and participate in sport, so he let himself go and does not get motivated. From his point of view his health is good and is living the â€Å"good life† because he hasn’t got support to get his life back to what he was. The â€Å"good life† from his view is to go out every weekend or night and party out late. He drinks alcohol and smokes so he is ruining his health every day, but he doesn’t see it is a problem. He might not have got taught the right health ways and think he can do whatever he want because he is young and free. This will affect him later in life but he doesn’t seem to care as he is living how he has wanted to, his family were the ones encouraging him to do this, and without them around he doesnâ₠¬â„¢t feel the need to do it. 2. Demonstrate how Steve’s lifestyle choices could be affecting his physical health. List any possible future problems. Steve’s lifestyle choices are affecting all areas of his health but one in particular that could affect his life span and that is his physical health. He started smoking and drinking. His dating life could also be a problem. His job can cause problems to his health. They are all decreasing his physical health. Every time he smokes he is increasing his chance of getting lung cancer. His drinking is going to affect him heavily later as he will end up with all sorts of problems, example- he could once turn up to work drunk and do everything wrong, resulting in him having no job. His dating life could result in somehow contracting a sexually transmitted infection. His job is affecting his health, as his job doesn’t require much; he just sits down all day, he could end up with bad pains all through his body. They all cause future problems to Steve an d by doing all these things he is decreasing his life expectancy, giving him a shorter life than expected. 3. List the changes in his social circumstances that have influenced the changes in Steve’s health and physical activity levels. Steve social circumstances have changed affecting the way he lives now, causing him to change. He has changed as he has moved out of home, leaving his family out of his life without them pushing him to do his best he found new friends who do what he is doing. His job has changed his social circumstances as he can have a night out and do what he needs to, his work friends should be encouraging him that he needs to take more pride in his job. When he finished school he might have lost all of his friends that were impacting him in a good way with the training and playing of different sports. His social circumstances have changed his life because he left school and not having family made him think he could live however he wants and not care. 4. Describe the possible outcomes for Steve’s emotional health is he continues with his current lifestyle. Emotional health refers to the ability to express emotions when they are appropriate and control them when they are not. If Steve continues with his behaviour he may not be able to control his emotions, his self-esteem will be very low. He won’t be able to see him as he is, he will see his self-image as worse than it actually it because of his low emotional health and low self-esteem. His late night partying will put down his emotional health is he keeps going with his routine, he will continue to think girls will fall for him but sometimes they will not, possibly causing his emotional health to deteriorate. His health on the health continuum will be very low, as he isn’t being able to control all of his health especially the physical and emotional health. If he picks up more exercise and does committee to his job he will have better emotional health stabili ty, meaning he will be able to control his emotions and express them accordingly to the situation. 5. Identify the 5 action areas of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion and describe what each area means in your own words. Developing personal skills: is about improving the individuals skills, developing a better understand for the individual to help them better their health. It helps the individual find ways to help better their health, giving them more confidence about their health. Creating supportive environments: is about the environment and making it better. It’s about creating a better environment for a person to be able to do what they want. It’s got both physical and social aspects, like a park for exercising or close friends supporting you in a big sporting event. Strengthening community action: is about getting the community involved to better the health of those within the community. The ideas from the community are called ‘bottom-up’ meaning the community comes up with the ideas and tries to get help to impose them in the areas, and a ‘top-down’ is when the ideas are coming from the government on what they think will better the health of those in that community. Reorientating health services: is about trying to invest more money into prevention rather than a cure. They believe if they can put more money into prevention then they will save more money. It doesn’t dismiss the importance on health care, as you can still get diseases genetically, but this is about trying to prevent those who get diseases that they can prevent by choosing better lifestyles. Building healthy public policy: is about the rules, laws and legislations. It is about the government and organisations that work towards better health, emplacing rules and laws, example- restricted smoking location within public places, or in schools where they have the ‘no hat, no play’ policy. 6. Recommend ways Steve can improve his health by following at least 2 of the 5 action areas of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion. Give specific examples. Steve can improve his health in any of the five action areas, but the two that he should increase in are developing personal skills and creating supportive environments. Those two areas will help build up his health again. Developing personal skills is all about the individual and what they can do better for their health. Creating supportive environments is all about physical and social sides. It is increasing the family/friends bond for them to support you. Steve can develop his personal skills by going back to do some vigorous exercise. He needs to go and get help, and see if sleeping with different women can cause him to have a sexually transmitted infection. With him developing his personal skills, he can change his life around, making it better for him to live. Steve can create a supportive environment with his friends and family by getting them to help him change out of his bad habits. With his family by his side it can help him to make the right decisions. The physical side of a supportive environment can be getting his friends or family to go out and exercise with him. The two action areas developing personal skills and creating supportive environments can change his life around for the better, bettering his life expectancy, he then will put a better look on his health instead of wanting to always live the â€Å"good life,† he can go out sometimes but always going out is not good for his health. If his family and friends help him to go and see a doctor they can help him change his life around.

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