Friday, September 27, 2019

Is Turkish law incompatible with EU membership Essay

Is Turkish law incompatible with EU membership - Essay Example Ten years ago Turkey applied for accession to the European Union.Till today the accession has not be granted.Mainly because of the huge overall concern that Turkey is not what is perceived to be a truly democratic and free countryOne largely ignores the fact that not half a century ago that what was mostly a divided and warring section of Mediterranean countries like Greece, Spain and Portugal is now today an integrated and peaceful Europe and the European integration project in which Turkey wants to join, has brought Europe together into a cohesive whole creating a 'security community' within an ever growing community where there is a "democratic peace". Former authoritarian and militarily dominated countries have come together. And the conditionality for the membership 'peace and cooperation' has been the most potent tool for the drawing together of diverse cultures and groups such as French, German, Poles, Hungarian and Romanian countries. Dialogue and a mutual sense of security e xists where earlier there was only confrontation and suspicion. Till today Turkey's dream of integration into the EU is still a dream. A virulent debate still rages over whether Turkey will strengthen EU's 'democratic zone' or destroy it and undermine the functioning of the EU through its action, most of which is considered as unlawful in the EU.The most prominent argument is that Turkey is a hardliner and the regions surrounding Turkey is filled with instability, violence, terrorism and political instability with hard-line Islamic fundamentalism. But internationally prominent figures like George Bush and Condoleeza Rice, Tony Blair are all for the process of Turkey's integration into the European Union. Olli Rehn (assumed office as EU Commissioner for Enlargement on 22 November 2004,) is the President of the European Commission responsible for Enlargement of the European Union (ENP), which was adopted in 2003. EU borders are being stretched now to the Middle East and World borders are breaking down. Increasingly Turkey is starting to play a prominent role. It is shedding the coercive aspects of its political views and laws are becoming much more liberal and dependent on dialogue and cooperation, dismantling prejudices and promoting mutual trust. The Portuguese Foreign Affairs minister recognized this and after the Brussels Council meeting in 2005 he said 'the US will be pleased and Bin Laden will be disappointed'. This was the meeting where it was decided that talks on Turkey accession to the EU would start. With this accession to the EU it's credibility and influence in world politics and the Muslim world will increase significantly. Prominently opposition was because the Turks did not allow freedom of expression. For a long time challenging status quo in Cyprus amounted to treason and the Anan Plan was criticized and applauded in turn. The Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdoan (wanted a "win-win" solution) Discourse of this kind was a new phenomena and a novel one in Turkey and undoubted this was the pressure that was created due to the EU and the prospect of accession. On 12th September 2005 was published the 12 cartoons by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten which showed the Muslim Prophet Muhammad in a variety of humorous or satirical situations. Turkey and the Muslim world clashed with the western world. Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen's nomination as NATO's new secretary-general due to his stand in 2005 in this issue lead to his leadership being strongly opposed and the rights and the freedom of expression in the Muslim world being strongly questioned. It seemed to be incompatible with the U.N declaration of human rights. Muslims complained about an 'ongoing smear campaign' in Denmark against Islam and warned that negative reaction could result in Muslim countries and Muslim communities in Europe. They called on the prime minister "to take all those responsible to task under law

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