Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Synthesize a biology topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Synthesize a biology topic - Essay Example The DNA is the repository of information relating to an organism. Forensic science has utilized this fact to conduct DNA testing of blood samples, which identifies a person without any room for ambiguity. The importance of DNA in studies relating to medicine and evolution is cardinal. DNA and genes are consequential for inheritance, disease, evolution and biodiversity. Specifically, I have been much impressed by DNA replication which could provide a cure for a number of incurable or intractable diseases. Several breakthroughs in cancer therapy have been achieved, on account of DNA replication. DNA replication has great significance for the heredity. In the furtherance of this function, a cell has to utilize hereditary information. Replication ensures transmission of such vital hereditary information. On occasion, hereditary information is not transmitted verbatim, and some changes are effected to the DNA. This results in biodiversity and evolution. At times, such change makes it possible to even find cures for chronic ailments. Thus, the practical value of DNA replication is undeniable. The transmission of hereditary characteristics from one generation to another is effected by genes, which in turn consist of DNA. Replication of the latter results in the copying of genes, which is a semi conservative process that uses just one strand as a pattern for subsequent new strands. Deviations in the replication process have profound effects on human health, and could even lead to diseases like cancer. DNA technology has resulted in crops and vegetables that have higher yield, are more nutritious, better able to withstand disease and drought, and have a longer shelf life. The stability of the genome is not possible in the absence of accurate DNA replication; and the S – phase checkpoint mechanism stops this process, immediately on detecting errors. Resumption of replication is dynamically controlled by the protein Ddk. Any inaccuracy in the DNA

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