Friday, February 15, 2019

Fredrick Douglass :: essays papers

Fredrick DouglassFredrick Douglass vs. G wholeness with the Wind. Thats how I sensed the two pieces of literature, Douglass is writing a true account of what his experience has been in slavery while Gone with the Wind is a fictional production of southern life. Pardon the simile but they atomic number 18 like ignominious and white. Douglass gives a graphic portrayal of his own beatings and being forced to work. The cat didnt eve know when his birthday was, at first I was like big deal, but after I thought close it and that would suck non knowing when you were brought into the world. Not knowing your Mother touchable well would seriously bite but I loved how in the night she would walk the twelve miles to the plantation just to put her boy to sleep. Very touching. Its odd for me to think of my Mom dying and not being that sad. Douglass said it was like hearing about a unknown dying. Gone with the Wind was however a completely different story. I look at Scarle t and Im thinking, man what a fox how could anything bother her? Does she even have a clue as to how terrible slavery really is? She has everything, the house, the clothes, and the influence, everything except for the man of her dreams but hey she ultimately gets a piece at the end of the show. I can gossip why this plastic film has been around for like fifty years, its because its whats people want to believe, what flatters us. Im guilty of this, I would much rather watch a pretty decent movie about the southern dream ladies, money and debutantes opposed to almost looking at the sting on my back as I soak up Douglasss narrative on slavery, sickness and tribulations. Douglass repeats a couple time that literacy is the seat of freedom, I dont know about that. Sure, you are free to read when possible and write when allowed but that doesnt relieve you from the bonds of slavery, who cares if you are educated? To a slave owner you are one step closer to an uprising and this in turn makes him punish you even more brutally. I dont believe its freedom to read. If I was a slave I would be so depressed I think Id give up and let myself die, I mean it can only get better from here right wing?

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