Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Maths Statistics Coursework :: Papers

Maths Statistics Coursework Aim In this investigation I am assay to investigate how readable 3 newspapers and if there target audience buys them. What am I divergence to do? To do this I am going to get 3 national newspapers, a tabloid, a broadsheethook, and an in-between, and find bug out how readable they really argon. My choice of newspapers will be The Sun -------------- rag week The quantify ----------- Broadsheet The Daily Mail ----- In-between How am I going to do it? To do it I let decided that the take up focusing would be to get 5 of the same news stories on the same day in the 3 papers, and take the first coulomb words of each article to substantiate how many letter are in each word. The reason I study chosen to see how many letters are in each word is because primarily small words are easier to read. Prediction I predict that in The sun the words will be very short, hence easier to read. The Times will have the longes t words, and The Daily Mail will have words that are in-between in length. The reason I have made these predictions is because I believe that The Sun is aimed at less good community who like gossip were as The Times is aimed at people who are in high profile jobs, or are beneficial more(prenominal) intelligent people in general. The Daily mail is more of a larger group as it has both tabloid and broadsheet qualities such as gossip and serious news all the way through. Articles Chosen to use Monday 3rd February 1 Taxpayers may foot bill for EU students fees. 2 Train drivers threaten strike over touch on pay. 3 Race abuse officers suspended. 4 Archbishop backs Tories on detention of refugees. 5 Grandchildren cash in on legacies their parents dont need. Results IMAGE IMAGE The Shaded areas are to show the 3 highest frequencies of letters in words for each article.

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