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Robert Louis Stevenson was born November 13, 1850 in Edinburgh, Scotlan

Robert Louis Stevenson was born November 13, 1850 in Edinburgh, Scotland Throughout his childhood, he suffered degenerative health. A Study of Robert Louis Stevensons use of settings, characters andsymbolism in The antic topic of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.Robert Louis Stevenson was born November 13, 1850 in Edinburgh,Scotland throughout his childhood he suffered chronic health problemsthat confined him to bed. He lived in constant fear of devastation and somepeople believe that this was where he got his grim outlook on lifefrom. The strongest influence during his childhood was that of hisnurse, Allison Cunningham, who often read aloud Pilgrims fortify andThe Old Testament, his most direct literary influences during thistime. Originally he did not intend to be an author, his father wantedhim to follow in his footsteps and father an architect.He lived in Edinburgh for most of his life it was split into two,both sides contend a part in molding his personality and outlook. On ane han d was the New Town, respectable, upstanding, deeply religious,and polite. On the other was a to a greater extent more bohemian Edinburgh,symbolised by brothels and shadiness. The juxtaposition of the twoaspects in separate to each other made a deep impression and change his fascination with the duality of human nature, laterproviding the theme for The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.Throughout the history of the book critics have struggled to choosethe genre in which the book falls. The most popular opinion is that itis a Gothic new and lies alongside Frankenstein and Dracula. Likethese books Stevenson put most of the events in the book happeningduring the night to give it a gloomy feel. The part where... ...pectives. In the number 1 chapters to set the sceneStevenson narrates the story as a third person, for pillowcase hedescribes the door which was equipped with neither bell nor knocker,of the house in which Hyde lives. The Carew murder case was told asthird person, but also had a detailed storey from the maid who saw itall out of her window to make the tale more believable. In thechapter, The Last Night, Poole the butler gives his account of theJekyll and Hyde story, which gives the reader an insight into antithetical characters and their personalities. And the final points ofview are from Dr Lanyon and Jekylls letters. I think that both theseletters give the reader a chance to be a detective and piecetogether he two stories and find a constant theme. It also makes itseem more believable and less bias if it is written by two differentpeople.

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